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Capturing the Soul of the Horse


On this page, I'll include my policies so you will understand before filling in a time slot. My time is important to me and I want both of us to be happy with the work. I will work with you on the price of my work.


First , I paint in oils mostly and that takes time to dry! If you need the model finished by a certain time, email me about this first. Turnover is about 4-6 weeks depending on the color/pattern you were asking for. Often it's under 4 weeks, but things do happen. Long trips to my photo shoots or working at the dog shows can keep me on the go for several days a week. All models must be ready to paint. I just do not have the time to prep. I can spray the undercoat. I use different colors depending on the finished color. I often have 7-10 models being worked on at once, due to the oils. I use a number of layers of oil paint to get most of the shades of colors. Airbrushing, pastels and acrylics are used also to complete the entire horse. I do not hair models. The only thing I can do(& I do very well) is plait manes.


All models are  Live Show Quality. Live Show Quailty is in the eye of the beholder. Nothing is truly guaranteed, but I've been getting to many wonderful comments on my work, plus the NAN cards are coming in.  I can not guarantee a color. I can get very close. I advise you to check the pictures at this site to find something you like. If you want something slightly different, I can do that. At this time I'm not doing portrait models.


When ordering and you say "bay" or a "dapple grey". for example, and then you do not like the shade when finished, there will be a charge to modify the color. Sometimes I can not change it because there is a risk of the painted surface might react and ruin the horse completly. This has rarly happened. Just covering my butt and my time.


One may custom order a model to your specifitions, or choose a model similar to one of the horses on this website. When ordering a model "similar" to one on the website or elswhere, keep in mine that your model is a "Work of Art". It is created by a human, not a machine. That means it will not be exact. Even if I wanted to, I could not make a model exactly like another, it will be "similar".


Keep your description of the color you are ordering to a minimum. Paragraph after paragraph of descriptions will only confuse me. Simple is better! A photo of what you are looking for is great. Do not turn around to ask me to change this or that. Sort of kills the reason for sending a picture. List the color(shade), markings, dapples or mixed mane& tail, etc.., will give you a much better paint job. Leave room for me(the artist) to work. I will contact you with any questions I might have.


I strive for quality in my work. Please do not email me about how the horse is doing. I always email when the model has had the body color(pinto/app markings also) has been finished and dryed. It's when I'm working on the details to give you a heads up that the balance will soon be due(if using time payments). Again, if you need your model by a deadline, you need to tell me that before I start painting. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.

I know this is long, but I want you to enjoy your horse without any problems!

I will accept time payments at this time. 1/3 down with the balance due in 4 weeks. Balance due within 7 days if the horse is finished before 4 weeks, unless other arrangements have been made. If payment is not made within 3 weeks notification that the model is finished, the model will be listed online and sold. Original deposit can be applied to another model, but the full payment will be required in advance before another model will be started. The original deposit can only be reapplied within 6 months after notification from the first model. After the 6 months the deposit is forfeited.


I accept Paypal(please no credit card if possible), money orders and personel checks. All checks are held 14 days for them to clear. Address for Paypal is [email protected]. Customer will pay return shipping & insurance of the model. All models must be insured.


I do accept trades/part trades! Unpainted resins(certain ones), LSQ tack, certain Beswicks, English Cocker Spaniel figures and certain Stone/Breyer models. Check the Want List page.